Drunk tourist trying to find hotel takes wrong path, scales huge mountain

A drunk tourist had a lucky escape when he stumbled along a wrong path looking for his hotel after a night out in the Italian Alps.

Instead of heading back to his resort in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, Pavel, an Estonian tourist in his 20s, embarked on a mammoth hike up the mountainside.

Despite the steep incline, the wayward holidaymaker soldiered on before coming across a closed restaurant and bar at about 2am at an altitude of 2400m, Italian newspaper La Stampa reported.

Not wanting to carry on his expedition, he forced his way into the building, named Igloo, before taking refuge for the night.

The man was found passed out inside the Igloo restaurant. Source: Instagram/Sowa_Dorable, Instagram/elisabethfock
He made his way from the village to the restaurant located on the mountain side 2400m above sea level. Source: Igloo Cervinia

Staff discovered the man in the morning passed out on a bench next to two bottles of water he'd drunk to help his hangover.

A search party had been dispatched to find Pavel including the fire brigade, police and several drones before he was discovered in the bar.

Local police have said that the man will be fined for his night on the slopes but he will not be charged.