WATCH: Drunk shooting at pub after refused entry sparks dramatic police chase

A drunken pub customer has opened fire on a busy hotel after he was denied entry for being too intoxicated.

Lee Embley had already downed eight cans of strong cider and 16 shots of brandy when he was turned away from the Harborne Stores pub in Birmingham on January 23.

But the heavily inebriated 42-year-old did not take the rejection well, staggering back to the street before pulling a revolver from his waistband and firing loosely at the pub.

The bullet went through the window of an upstairs bedroom at the pub, where children sometimes sleep but fortunately no one was hurt.

Embley was filmed firing at the pub after being turned away for being too intoxicated. Source: West Midlands Police
Body cam footage showed police pointing a gun at Embley after he crashed his car. Source: West Midlands Police

As terrified witnesses called police, Embley got into his car, which was parked just metres away, and drove off.

Firearms officers spotted him driving erratically at speeds of 130km/h in a 50 zone before he eventually crashed into a “no entry” sign.

Dramatic dashcam footage shared by West Midlands Police shows one officer pointing a handgun in Embley’s direction, screaming at him to open the door with his hands in the air.

The footage showed officers discovering the Colt.41 double action revolver lying on the road next to the car.

Police found the handgun next to the car after a high-speed chase. Source: West Midlands Police
Embley admitted to nine charges for firearms and ammunition offences and was jailed for eight years. Source: West Midlands Police

“This was a completely reckless shooting which could easily have resulted in the death of an innocent bystander,” Detective Constable Ian Leech, of West Midlands Police said.

“Embley then put further lives at risk by driving while massively over the limit and it is by luck rather than fortune that no one was seriously hurt or killed.

“Thanks to the excellent police work by the two firearms officers who spotted the car and then put their lives on the line by confronting Embley, we have taken another weapon with the potential to kill off the streets.”

In addition to dangerous driving, Embley admitted to nine charges for firearms and ammunition offences and was jailed for eight years.