Drugged Dutchman causes Brisbane Airport security scare

A drugged up Dutchman has been fined in court after causing a security scare at Brisbane Airport.

After eating hash cookies at Nimbin, 28-year-old Hendric Teunissen drove to Brisbane Airport, abandoned his car on the departure ramp and walked into the airport without a plane ticket or any idea where he was going.

He was finally pulled up in customs, with no ticket, but a DVD on how to grow marijuana.

He was arrested on Saturday after abandoning his unregistered car on the terminal departure ramp, admitting he'd driven back to Brisbane after eating hash cookies in Nimbin.

The magistrate described the tourist as 'off the planet' when he abandoned his car.

When asked, Mr Teunissen said the drugs he had in Nimbin were 'pretty strong', but no more than those available in Amsterdam.

"They're more or less the same, depends who bakes the cookies, you know."

The 28 year old was convicted and fined $1100.