Drug bust costs Sydney lawyer her 'dream job'

Ben Brennan

A high profile lawyer has lost her ‘dream job’ and narrowly avoided jail after being caught with cocaine in Sydney.

Lisa Munro, 33, was found guilty in the Downing Centre Local Court on Monday of being in possession of 0.65 grams of cocaine in July.

Before being caught by police with drug, Munro had been a lawyer with New South Wales Department of Public Prosecutions.

According to her lawyer, it had been Munro’s dream job. The offence meant it was a dream she had been forced to give up.

Magistrate Greg Grogin told the court he would treat Munro as a member of the community rather than a solicitor who had been caught with drugs, leading him to sentence her to a 12 month good behavior bond.

She has also resigned from her job.

Munro was found in possession of the drug at Kings Cross at about 9pm on Friday, July 10.

The court heard police had witnessed her leave a taxi before entering another car. She left the second vehicle after less than a minute.

The suspicious stop off led police to pull over the cab and search Munro, leading them to discover she was in possession of cocaine.

The court also heard a DPP colleague had previously reported Munro over suspected drug use. However, there was no evidence presented to support that claim in court on Monday.

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