Drivers who go 'a little bit' over speed limit also dangerous: police

If you're one of those drivers who goes just a little bit over the speed limit, police say you're just as dangerous as those who hoon.

Statistics show there are far more people driving "just over" than those travelling at high speeds.

Extra officers were out and about on Thursday as part of Operation Safe Speeds, a 24-hour nationwide blitz targeting speeding drivers.

Extra officers were out on the roads in a blitz on drivers speeding. Source: 7 News

But it's not only hoon drivers that police are concentrating on.

"We all know those people who tend to drive around at 70 k's in a 60 zone or 80 in a 70 zone continually - those are the people we see as dangerous," WA Police's Scott Higgins said.

A third of crashes are caused by drivers doing less than nine km/hr over the limit.

A third of all crashes are caused by drivers going only slightly above the speed limit. Source: 7 News

Road safety authorities say if we all slowed down between one and two kilometres an hour for a year, we could prevent between eight and 10 fatal crashes and up to 70 serious injuries.

While speed doesn't always cause the collision, experts say it does determine the outcome.

Speed doesn't always cause the crash, but it can determine the outcome. Source: 7 News

"When there is an impact, every little bit of speed makes a difference," WA Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron said.

Officers say speeding is a choice, one that can have devastating consequences - so why risk it?