Driver slammed for ‘stupid’ stunt on highway

A driver who crashed while towing a boat has been slammed for his “stupidity” by frustrated people online.

A video captured on another driver’s dashcam shows a horrific car accident which happened just over a month ago on Braidswood Road in NSW.

The video, shared to Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Youtube, shows a driver towing a boat speeding up on a single-lane highway before cutting into the right lane to overtake another car.

The driver began to fishtail after trying to overtake two other cars. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia.

The driver towing the boat then speeds up again to overtake a second car.

The car and the boat then begin to ‘fishtail’, swerving more and more as the driver approaches a bridge.

The boat then clips the right-hand side of the bridge, before slamming into the left-hand side and flipping the car and the boat.

“This guy was very lucky to walk away without a scratch – his boat, car and trailer weren't so lucky!” the caption on the video said.

People then rush out of their cars to help the driver, who it appears was trying to get his door open to get out of the wreck.

The Youtube video also shows a photo of the driver standing next to his car and the trailer, while the boat is seen a fair distance away ahead of the car.

The driver was fine following the car accident, however his boat and car were not. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia/Youtube.

“If that idiot drives like that towing a boat, imagine how they drive without one,” someone commented on the Youtube video.

“Why would you overtake two cars at high speed with a boat on a trailer behind you? He should have just kicked back, turned the music up and enjoyed the scenery,” another person said.

“Would have gotten to his destination quickly enough and his car and boat would have been in one piece each, not scattered across the road in thousands of pieces.”

“Wonder if his insurance covers act of outright stupid!” someone else said.

The driver escaped the crash uninjured.

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