'Incredible!' Is this Australia's worst parking spot?

A driver has returned to find their car covered in a smelly surprise after unknowingly choosing a less than ideal parking spot for the night.

The silver Holden, sporting green P-plates had been defaced by a pack of pooping pelicans, who seemed to have mistaken the vehicle for a bathroom.

An image of the putrid predicament, spotted in Port Macquarie, a beachside town on the NSW Mid North Coast, was shared to Facebook on Tuesday by a local familiar with the bird’s preferred roosting spot.

“They thought their car would be safe parked under a street light for the night, but didn't know that's where the pelicans roost,” they wrote in the post.

The P-plater would have received a nasty shock when returning to their car. Source: Facebook

The car was completely covered in white bird poo, undoubtedly creating tough work for the person tasked with scrubbing it off.

The sunny weather was also sure to have created an extra element of dryness in the messy secretions.

Someone joked in a comment suggesting the birds were expressing their dislike for the specific make of car.

“I guess they don’t like Holdens either,” they wrote.

Another thought it looked like there were “buckets full” of poo spread generously across the car’s bonnet, windshield and roof.

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