Driver forced to turn over 'offensive' licence plate

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Car enthusiasts have rallied around a Victorian man who has had his beloved number plates “randomly cancelled” because authorities deemed them offensive.

Peter Hansen has had his custom number plates, which read as ‘WEPN’, for ten years, according to 7 News – however out of the blue VicRoads decided they were ‘offensive’.

“Number plates containing offensive language, anti-social values, racial overtones or a negative road safety message are generally unacceptable,” a letter sent to Mr Hansen said.

The letter added his registration plates were to be cancelled on June 18, but he waited until Friday to get his generic number plate for his 1971 Holden Torana.

Pictured is the Holden Torana with the number plate WEPN.
Peter Hansen was forced to turn in his 'offensive' number plates. Source:

In a bid to farewell his number plate, Mr Hansen urged people on July 8 to come for one last drive.

“Come join me and WEPN for her last cruz around the streets of Portland and then to VicRoads to buy a new set of plates, sad it's come to this but that's VicRoads for you,” Mr Hansen wrote on Facebook.

However, the community has rallied behind Mr Hansen, and his car, which is apparently quite well known.

“The community support, and the local people of Portland, and everything that’s been done for me, I feel like a very rich man,” Mr Hansen said.

An online petition was set up in hopes of allowing Mr Hansen to keep his ‘WEPN’ number plates.

“Victorian man Peter Hansen has had his famous Torana license plate ‘WEPN’ randomly cancelled by VicRoads,” the petition says.

“This is so wrong for so many reasons. So I ask for all my fellow car enthusiasts to sign this so that the rights to the plates return to its rightful owner Peter Hansen.”

Pictured is a letter from VicRoads informing Peter Hansen his number plates are cancelled.
Peter Hansen received a letter from VicRoads saying his number plates were to be cancelled. Source: Peter Hansen/Facebook

Mr Hansen told 3AW people were more offended by VicRoads deciding to cancel his number plate than the actual number plates.

Although Mr Hansen has handed in his number plates, he won’t be giving up any time soon, and told 7 News he will be appealing the decision with VCAT.

The number plates were flagged when Mr Hansen’s wife Jacinta applied for a set of number plates named ‘WEPN 2’ and she told 7 News the iconic plates were “part of the family”.

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