Driver fined $112 for leaving car unlocked at petrol station

A Sydney man stopping off for a quick meat pie on his way to work has been slapped with a $112 fine after leaving his car unlocked at the service station.

Ben Judd was on his way to work in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on Friday morning when he pulled over at a the BP in Woollahra for “no more than a minute”.

With his breakfast in hand, he left the service station store only to find a police officer standing next to his car.

“Upon arriving back to my car I was greeted with a lovely breath test and random drug test, both came back negative,” he wrote in a scathing Facebook post.

Mr Judd copped a $112 fine for failing to lock his car while ducking in for a quick meat pie. Source: Facebook/Ben Judd

He said after the officer took issue with his LED light bar, he was determined to fine him for anything possible.

“So he had nothing once again, in the end he gave me $112 fine for leaving windows down/car unlocked,” he added.

NSW law states that if a driver is over three metres from a vehicle, they must turn off the engine, remove the ignition key, secure the windows and lock the doors.

Mr Judd had stopped at the BP in Wollahra for a meat pie on his way to work. Source: Google street view

However, that was news to Mr Judd and stunned social media users who labelled the ticket as an “absolute joke”.

“Revenue raising at its finest,” Mr Judd described the fine.

“I’m actually so furious for you dude. I cannot believe that they would fine you for that,” one man wrote in support.

“What a crock. It’s your own responsibility if you lock your car or not,” another wrote.

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