Drapht teams up with Wellness Warrior

Drapht teams up with Wellness Warrior

It was a shared interest in organic living and wellness techniques that first brought web health guru Jess Ainscough and Perth hip-hop artist turned cafe owner Paul Reid, aka Drapht, together online.

Now the duo have stepped out on stage as part of Ainscough's Wellness Warrior Live national tour to share their approach to leading a healthy lifestyle - but the two only met for the first time a few hours before yesterday's event.

Reid told AAA he first came across the former party girl, now cancer survivor and holistic coach's website when he stopped drinking and embarked on what he calls "a crusade to heal myself".

He made the discovery along with more than two million other readers.

"I was like, man, this girl is on to it," the 31-year-old, who owns Highgate hotspot Solomon's Cafe, said of reading Ainscough's story.

"I was following her on Twitter and it got to a point where I just reached out said 'I love your work'. Then we just went back and forth from that point onwards."

Ainscough added: "It's so cool to finally meet in real life."

Though the Queenslander is now used to speaking to large audiences about how she battled an "incurable" form of cancer at 22 through lifestyle changes, last night's WA event was something new for Reid.

"Talking in front of people about something I keep close to my heart is a bit daunting," he revealed before going on stage at the Empyrean Function Centre and Metcalfe Playhouse.

"But I think it's important to do something I am scared of every day, just to get me out of my comfort zone and achieve the things I want to achieve."

Ainscough said she hoped attendees would be inspired to learn from her and Reid's experiences.

"You can still be, in Drapht's case, the hip-hop star but also have this amazing organic cafe and passion," she said. "It's about letting the lifestyle bolster who you are, rather than feeling like you have to change your entire life."

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