Drake stuns fans with video showing how much he sweats after each show

Drake has shown just how much he perspires during his energetic live performances.

The “God’s Plan” rapper/singer is currently co-headlining the It’s All a Blur Tour with J Cole.

On social media, Drake, 37, shared a video of himself taking his t-shirt off after a show.

Gasping, the rapper then folded the shirt in his hands and wrung it out like a wet towel, causing sweat to pour out of the garment.

Last month, Drake began trending on social media after a video allegedly showing him engaging in a sex act was released.

Drake appeared to respond to the alleged leak, apparently sending “eight laughing emojis” to popular Kick streamer Adin Ross when confronted about the video.

According to US podcaster Adam22, who claims to have spoken to Drake, the singer was “threatened” by the tape’s release.

“Drake told me they had kind of been like threatening him with it,” Adam22 said (via TMZ), adding: “I don’t know if they were asking for money specifically but he had known this might come out for a couple of weeks before it came out.”

Adam22 also said Drake brushed off suggestions that he himself had anything to do with the alleged leak, and is said to have told him: “Nah, that ain’t my style.”

On Friday (22 March), Drake and Cole were targeted by fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar who features on Future and Metro Boomin’s new collaborative album We Don’t Trust You.

In his verse on the song “Like That”, Lamar dismisses the idea that he, Drake and Cole are the “big three” of rap.

“Motherfuck the big three, n***a, it’s just big me,” he raps. “N***a, bum, What? I’m really like that/And your best work is a light pack.”

He goes on to compare their rivalry to the Eighties beef between Prince and Michael Jackson.

On “First Person Shooter”, Drake had compared his chart success to that of Michael Jackson. On “Like That”, Lamar points out: “N***a, Prince outlived Mike Jack.”

In a two-star review of Drake’s latest album, For All The Dogs, The Independent’s Nadine Smith wrote: “Instead of chilling out and settling down as he approaches his forties, Drake’s new album For All the Dogs sees him acting up more than ever, in ways that frequently reek not just of insecurity, but outright misogyny.”

She added: “When he raps that he ‘packs them into my phone like sardines’ on ‘First Person Shooter’, his outright contempt for women stares you directly in the face.”

In a five-star review of Lamar’s most recent album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers, The Independent’s Ben Bryant called the record “a tender opus from the defining poet of his generation”.