Dragons' Den inventor baffles viewers with shower cleaning gadget

A father and son pitched their automatic shower cleaner, but the Dragons could not see the need for it.

Dragons Den
Dragons Den viewers were baffled by a shower to clean the shower. (BBC)

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Dragons' Den viewers were baffled and amused by a cleaning invention — a shower to clean the shower.

It was a father and son duo who had invented the Automatic Shower Cleaner, a £350 device to be fitted inside a shower to clean it automatically. None of the Dragons were interested in investigating in the business, and most of them failed to see the need for a shower cleaning device.

But one Dragon did see potential in its future comparing it to automatic bidet toilets.

What, how, and why?

Dragons' Den S21,14-03-2024,11,(l-r) Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett, Peter Jones,BBC Studios,Screen grab
The Dragons were all confused about why you would need a shower to clean your shower. (BBC)

Nodar “Nod” Babuadze revealed he had invented the Automatic Shower Cleaner in a bid to help his wife when he saw how much she disliked cleaning the shower. The gadget is fitted in the ceiling above the shower and can be operated using a phone app and descends through the shower cleaning the walls and doors with water and cleaning fluid, in three minutes. Son Nik said he had come on board to keep his father focused on the single aim and making it a viable business.

Dragons Touker Souleyman, Steven Bartlett, Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden were all bemused as to why you would need to fit a shower inside a shower in order to clean it.

But Peter Jones said that while he did not want to invest, he did see the gadget's potential.

The businessman said: "I think the first reaction of people is 'Why?' And I'm not sure I think that. If you went back 20 years ago and were sitting on a toilet, who would have seen there would be invention which would clean our backsides. That's happened."

Jones suggested the company approach shower manufacturers about how a form of their invention could be fitted into showers at source, using their design and patent.

But he added: "I'm not going to invest and say that I'm out, but I do congratulate you for coming up with something which I don't think is just novelty."

What did Dragons' Den viewers think?

Dragons' Den  Peter Jones,  BBC Studios,Screen grab
Peter Jones compared the shower shower to a toilet seat that washed your behind. (BBC)

Viewers found the invention laughable.

One wrote on social media platform X: "One of the most ridiculous inventions I have ever seen #DragonsDen". Another asked: "OK, so you've a shower that cleans you. You have a shower cleaner that cleans the shower. But who is gonna clean the shower cleaner??!? #DragonsDen"

And another quipped: "I’m now going to invent a cleaning attachment to clean their cleaning attachment… #dragonsden"

Several viewers were amused by how the idea for invention had been born. One tweeted: "Wife: will you clean the shower? Husband: Takes 4 years and loads of money. #Dragonsden"

Another joked: "“It’s a shower for your shower, I wanted to help my wife” The great lengths this man has gone to get out of cleaning. #Dragonsden"

And another observed: "This is an invention born out of a wife asking her husband to clean the shower, and him inventing a machine instead. #dragonsden"

And many viewers pointed out that the gadget was doomed to be a flop with the millionaire Dragons, who they thought must pay professional cleaners to clean their showers.

One commented: "Struggling to pitch to five people who all have cleaners to do this sort of drudgery for them... #DragonsDen"

And another said: "Like any of these multi millionaires clean their own showers… #dragonsden"

While another posted: "They all have cleaners to clean the shower #dragonsden"

Dragon's Den airs on BBC One at 8pm on Thursday.

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