A drag queen story hour goes ahead despite threats

STORY: A drag queen story in Washington state continued as planned on Saturday (December 10), despite threats of protest from far-right demonstrators.

The event, at a modestly sized taproom around 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, was hosted by Sylvia O'Stayformore - who said the whole week had been "kind of crazy".

“It's not like we're kidnapping children from the locals and making them come and listen to our stories. They are coming with parents who are here to have a good time and show them inclusivity and love."

Marley Rall, owner of the Brewmaster's Taproom, said they had been working with Sylvia for about a year and a half.

They had got used to receiving a couple of phone calls and emails each month, she said, but that this week "it kind of just blew up".

"And Wednesday we ended up having somebody drive by. We were luckily closed, but drove by and stopped and checked us out a little bit, and then chose to shoot like an Airsoft gun of some sort at us and then take off. And they were smart enough to take their plates off, and they wore gloves and a mask. So, there's no real way to identify them."

One parent, Kelli Stasi, said she'd had some reservations about attending the event with her daughter because of other protests that have turned violent.

"But she’s 11, this community is important to her, and then coming here and seeing how many people showed up, it was just amazing. It’s just proof that humanity is not as bad as it might be sometimes.”

Outside the bar more than 100 people gathered in support and to counter any protesters that might turn up.

The taproom plans to hold the event again in January and subsequent months afterwards.