Double booked: Perth man slams parking inspector over 'dodgy fine'

Video showing a Perth parking inspector allegedly incorrectly booking a man for overstaying in a loading zone, has copped plenty of heat online.

Tri Pham has received almost 70,000 views on his Facebook video which he says shows a City of Perth worker chalking his tire twice in a loading zone, despite him paying two separate visits to the spot.

He says he took to Facebook after the council refused to review his fine.

“I was parked in a loading zone which allowed a maximum stay of 30minutes. I was charged for overstaying by 20minutes. I knew this was incorrect as i (sic) left the parking bay for 30minutes and came back to it again for a little bit,” Mr Pham wrote on his post.

“i (sic) lodged an appeal with the City of Perth saying I had cctv footage showing I was not in the bay for over 30minutes, I had left and come back.”

Mr Pham claims the council argued that his car was chalked at 10.02am and again at 10.53am and that the marks were clearly visible.

'They did not even wish to view my cctv evidence and basically said I must pay the fine otherwise take it to court or the ombudsman," he said.

Frustrated that the CCTV footage would apparently not be used in evidence for an appeal, Mr Pham opted to make it public.

“If the City of Perth won't view my footage, then I hope you guys will watch it and see what this parking officer did,” he wrote.

Mr Pham also provide a timeline of events to go with his video, which he says shows the inspector chalking his tyre at 10.06am, seven minutes before he left.

Eight minutes later the inspector visits the site again. Mr Pham’s van is not there.

At 10.52am, Mr Pham says he returned to the loading zone.

Four minutes later the inspector returns again, marks his tyre a second time, issues a fine and takes a photograph for evidence.

He wrote that he hoped the video would prompt the City of Perth to rethink it’s procedures and take disciplinary action if it found the inspector had acted wrongly.

“Stop wasting peoples time by making them go to court or see an ombudsman, when they should just review evidence suggested to them,” Mr Pham wrote.

Comment is being sought from City of Perth.