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Dota 2's biggest tournament will return to Seattle this year

The International 2023 kicks off on October 14th.

Aly Song / reuters

For the first time since 2017, The International, Dota 2's most prestigious tournament, will take place in Valve's hometown. The tournament will kick off with a group stage that begins on October 14th before moving to Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena on October 27th, the studio announced on Saturday. The Climate Pledge Arena, previously known as KeyArena, is the same venue where Valve held The International between 2014 and 2017. It's also the venue where Dota fans got to see one of the best plays in the tournament's history.

In 2018, Valve moved The International to Vancouver's Rogers Arena due to the start of multi-year renovations at KeyArena. In subsequent years, the event made stops in China, Romania and Singapore. Valve had also planned to bring the tournament to Sweden, but the pandemic forced the studio to cancel The International in 2020. On Saturday, Valve said The International 2023 would host the event's largest audience to date. The studio promised to share more information about how fans can purchase tickets to The International 2023 closer to the date of the event.