Former college basketball star charged with murdering girlfriend after learning she was pregnant

A former college basketball star has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend who vanished in 2013 just hours after learning she was pregnant.

Kelsie Schelling disappeared without a trace on February 4, 2013 after she told relatives she was planning to drive to Pueblo, Colorado, to share the news with boyfriend Donthe Lucas.

Lucas, who was playing basketball for Northeastern Junior College at the time, was already serving time behind bars for armed robbery when he was served with the arrest warrant on Friday.

While Kelsie's car was found 10 days later, the then 21-year-old was never found.

Donthe Lucas has been charged with the first degree murder of his girlfriend Kelsie Schelling.

Pueblo Police Department said they would not say what led to the charges being filed after almost four years.

“Because the investigation remains active, details about the investigation and what led to the arrest of Lucas cannot be released at this time,” their statement read.

Those running a Facebook campaign labelled ‘Help Find Kelsie’, are pleased by the charges laid but say they are still desperate to help give her and her unborn child a proper burial.

Ms Schelling was eight weeks pregnant when she disappeared. Source: Facebook

“Donthe Lucas faces first degree murder charges in the case of Kelsie Schelling,” the post reads.

“It took many people to mobilise to reach this common goal of making an arrest and the family thanks them for the hard work, dedication and professionalism they have exhibited.

"For many, it also took a great deal of heart.”