Donations flood in to help abandoned kitten get a bum

Sam Hussey

Despite the frustrating messes pets love to leave around the house, buying one without a bum is unfortunately not a viable solution.

Onion, a nine-week-old kitten is suffering from an extremely rare condition called Atresia Ani, a fancy way of saying she was born without a bottom.

While it might sound like all the fun, none of the mess - it’s not. Onion has developed a nasty bacterial infection in her urinary tract.

The poor kitten is in desperate need of an operation if she is to survive. Source: Facebook
Onion's foster parents have fallen in love with their bottom-less kitten. Source: Facebook

Typically a cat with such life-threatening complications would simply be euthanised but vets are now desperate to give Onion a chance at living a normal life, given her condition has improved in recent weeks.

“Where onions usually make people cry, we are sure this one will bring many smiles to people's faces, if given the chance,” her carers joked.

“Because she has developed into such a lovely kitten over the last couple of weeks, we want to give her a chance of a normal life, living with a loving family.”

Despite her illness, Onion has made an improvement in recent weeks, forcing the vet's hands to get her a bum. Source: Facebook

The poor kitten’s foster parents last week set out to trying to raise a touch over $3300 through a fundraising account to “help Onion get a bum”.

In that time, 168 different supporters surpassed their goal, raising a staggering $3800.

Onion is getting her bum!