Donald Trump Trashed With Stark Reminder Of His Climate Takes In Earth Day Ad

President Joe Biden’s campaign marked Earth Day on Monday with a montage of former President Donald Trump’s repeated dismissal of climate change.

“Donald Trump is a climate denier,” the Biden campaign captioned a video featuring Trump’s comments about global warming that it shared on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

The presumptive GOP nominee’s “Project 2025 agenda would destroy President Biden’s clean energy investments and devastate our planet,” the Biden team’s post added.

In the video, Trump is seen claiming that climate change is “one of the greatest con jobs ever” and that it will somehow reverse itself.

Oh, and he conflates climate change with weather.

It also features his 2020 exchange with California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot. Trump claimed the world “will start getting cooler, you just watch.” Crowfoot told Trump the science disagrees with him. Trump petulantly fired back, “I don’t think science knows, actually.”

In contrast to what is believed by a large majority of scientists worldwide, Trump has previously called climate change “bullshit” and suggested it is a Chinese hoax. When in the White House, he scrapped climate change from the list of threats to national security.