Dog makes miraculous recovery after eating glass and batteries to survive

A dog who was found eating glass and batteries to survive is now ready to be rehomed.

Eric the bull breed cross was so malnourished and weak when he was found in Lancashire in North West England, vets thought he would die.

RSPCA inspector Nina Small described him as the "thinnest dog ever seen alive" after she discovered him in the garden of an abandoned council house in March.

She added Eric, who was renamed Walter, could not get up from the floor when she tried to help him.

"All of the bones in his body were visible, he was covered in urine and his nails were overgrown,” Ms Small told Lancashire News.

Glass shards as big as 50 cent coins and bits of batteries were later discovered in the dog’s faeces.

Walter the dog was rescued by the RSPCA and near death.
The RSPCA rescued Walter, describing him as "the thinest dog ever seen alive," Source: Facebook/RSPCA Lancashire East

"I believe poor Walter had been confined somewhere out of sight, eating whatever he’s been able to get in his mouth, perhaps a garage or a shed,” she added.

Walter has now fully recovered and “the picture of health”, weighing in at 20kg after being “at deaths door.”

"He’s been in foster care and has made a remarkable recovery ... now, he is ready for a forever home of his own,” an RSPCA Lancashire East spokesperson said.

Walter is very friendly to both humans and animals and would thrive in the home of an experienced pet owner.

Walter when he was rescued with his bones showing (left) and Walter now weighing 20kgs (right).
Walter when he was rescued by the RSPCA (left) and a happy and healthy Walter at 20kgs (right), ready to find a fur-ever home.Source: Facebook/RSPCA Lancashire East

The RSPCA said the dog would suit a home with older children due to his boisterous nature.

Ms Small confirmed the RSPCA was still investigating how Walter ended up abandoned.

“He has a wonderful, energetic personality and lots of character,” she said.

Walter hasn’t lost his sweet nature though.

"He loves taking long naps cuddled up next to you and is happy living in a home with cats and another dog,” she said.

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