Heartbreaking story behind dog who waits outside hospital every day

A loyal dog has been photographed sitting patiently outside a hospital but there's a heartbreaking reason why the dog keeps visiting.

The dog first started visiting the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Sau Paulo, in October, Brazil's O Globo newspaper reports.

The tale began in October 2017, when the dog's owner, a 59-year-old homeless man, was stabbed.

The dog waits outside Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Sau Paulo. Source: Facebook/ Cristine Sardella

According to the hospital's financial director, Osvaldo Paloto Sobrinho, the dog chased the ambulance after his owner was transported to hospital.

The dog continued to hold a vigil during his master's surgery but sadly he couldn't be saved.

To this day the dog has continued to wait for his return.

Cristine Sardella posted images of the pooch on Facebook. She wrote, "we have a lot to learn from animals".

"Waiting for him is in vain, but the love he nurtures for the owner is eternal," she wrote.

The dog continues to wait for his owner to come out of the hospital. Source: Facebook/ Cristine Sardella

Staff said he never enters the hospital and normally waits by the entrance. Sometimes he goes for a walk to search for food but he always comes back.

Staff at the hospital also sometimes feed him.

After the images surfaced, a number of people volunteered to give the pooch a new home but he apparently fled a kennel and returned to the hospital.