Dog rescued from snowy mountains after getting trapped on 60m ledge

A dog has been rescued from snowy mountains after missing for two days.

Ben the dog, a Cavachon, went missing in Cairn Gorm in the Scottish Highlands on Tuesday, according to his owner, Fiona Young.

Ms Young wrote on Facebook her pooch was out with her husband, Ian, when their pet went missing.

“My husband looked for him and followed his tracks as far as he could before the weather and light was lost,” she said.

Ben, a Cavachon, went missing after going out in Cairn Gorm in the Scottish Highlands with his owner, Ian Young. Source: Facebook/ Fiona Young

Mr Young returned the following day and found Ben “stuck on a ledge”. 

“My husband tried to get him to climb up or jump down but he wouldn’t come,” Ms Young wrote.  

“It was too dangerous for him to scramble down or get to him.” 

The winds became more powerful due to an incoming storm so Ben had to be left behind.

The pooch after being rescued by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Source: Facebook/ Maritime and Coastguard Agency

A number of experienced climbers offered to rescue the pooch but there were concerns about the weather.

Luckily, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency noticed Ben on the mountains on Thursday.

Winchman Mark Stevens was lowered to the ground, and scooped up cold and frightened Ben before lifting him back up to the helicopter.

Video from the agency on YouTube shows Mr Stevens propelling himself into the snowy depths of the mountain before returning with the shivering pooch clutching him tightly to his chest.

The agency added Ben was on a 60-metre ledge.

The dog was a little wet, cold and tired after spending two days in the mountains. Source: Facebook/ Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Ben is okay and back with his owners. He is pictured here with Mr Young. Source: Facebook/ Fiona Young

Ben was cuddled and warmed up before being returned to his owners. 

Ms Young wrote Ben was checked over by vets but was OK after his “48-hour ordeal”.

“He has been checked over and all good, no injuries, tired and hungry but that is to be expected, his jacket protected him from the worst of the storm,” she wrote.

“Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone firstly to the coastguard for rescuing him, the climbers who volunteered to go out today, the Facebook groups for advice and support and all the online support and love.”

Ms Young and her husband have since started a crowdfunding page to raise money for those who rescued Ben.

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