Does The Summer I Turned Pretty's Belly choose Jeremiah or Conrad in the books?

The Summer I Turned Pretty is over for another season, and we can't wait to head back to Cousins Beach for more romance, drama and summer loving in season three. But, with the series being based on Jenny Han's best-selling books, we don't have to wait for more episodes to find out what happens between Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah.

So, do you want to know which brother Belly ends up with at the end of The Summer I Turned Pretty, Jeremiah or Conrad? Then look no further, here's everything you need to know.

Major spoilers below!

the summer i turned pretty who does belly choose

Does Belly choose Jeremiah or Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty books?

At the end of season two, we see Conrad tell Belly how he truly feels about her, but, he takes it all back again the next morning. Oh, Conrad!

With Belly realising that she just can't trust Conrad, she decides that Jeremiah is the one for her. Later, she kisses Jeremiah, showing him that he's the one she wants to be with and the series ends with Belly and Jeremiah together.

But, fans of Belly and Jeremiah might want to look away now as in the books written by Jenny Han, Belly ends up marrying Conrad. Yes, really!

In Jenny Han’s third book, We’ll Always Have Summer, Belly breaks up with Jeremiah after two years when she discovers he cheated on her while they were on a break. Conrad and Belly then reconnect and end up getting married.

the summer i turned pretty who does belly choose
Amazon Prime

The Prime Video adaptation has been pretty faithful to the source material so far, so it’s unlikely that producers will change things so drastically in season three, especially considering Jenny helps write and produce the series.

But, they may also want to surprise the fans and takes things in a completely new direction, so we guess we'll have to wait patiently for season three to see who Belly chooses in the end.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is streaming on Prime Video now.

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