How Does the Busby Family Make Money?


The beloved Busby family is returning to TLC for a what is sure to be a wild 10th season of their hit reality show OutDaughtered. Fans have followed the lives of Adam and Danielle Busby as they navigate raising their all-girl quintuplets—Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker—along with their oldest daughter, Blayke. Between their growing children and businesses, the Busbys are certain to be quite busy on the next season of OutDaughtered!

Read on to learn all about Season 10 of the show, including release date and cast details.

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Will there be a Season 10 of OutDaughtered?

Yes, OutDaughtered has been renewed for a 10th season on TLC.

What is the release date for OutDaughtered Season 10?

OutDaughtered Season 10 premieres on Tuesday, May 7 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Who is cast in OutDaughtered Season 10?

The cast for OutDaughtered Season 10 includes Adam Busby, Danielle Busby, their daughter Blayke, and their five quintuplet daughters Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker.

What will happen in OutDaughtered Season 10?

This season will show the quintuplets starting a new school year and taking on more responsibility around the house. Blayke is also nervous about trying out for her middle school volleyball team. Meanwhile, Adam and Danielle will be balancing their growing family's needs with their careers. Danielle runs her own business and Adam's photography work is picking up.

Are the Busbys still married?

Yes, the Adam and Danielle Busby are still married.

Did the Busbys have a new baby boy?

No, the Busbys do not have a son. Although, Danielle has a store named GraesonBee, which she has jokingly referred to as her baby boy.

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Do Danielle and Adam Busby work?

Danielle runs her own clothing store that specializes in matching looks for moms and their kids.

Adam founded Busby Media in 2018. He creates photo and video content for all brands and events. And, of course, the family makes money from posts on their own social media—including up to $100,000 for YouTube videos, according to Social Blade.

What was Danielle's diagnosis on OutDaughtered?

Danielle has explained that she was initially diagnosed with migraines and treated for fibromyalgia due to her muscular tension and inflammation, but her condition is still being investigated. She said, "It's an up and down journey."

What autoimmune disease does Busby have?

Danielle Busby's diagnosis is still in "discovery,” but it is known to be an autoimmune disease.

As Danielle told Us Weekly, "It's hard sometimes to even explain what I'm feeling or how my body is reacting to something even in the view of Adam because he's like, 'You look fine, you [were] fine yesterday.' It's annoying, it's frustrating and there's days where I didn't do anything extreme or off-set or something and [I] just will get up and I can't move my hands and my feet and so … it's an up and down journey."

Why does Danielle from OutDaughtered look different?

Danielle Busby says she has not had any plastic surgery, despite speculation from fans regarding breast implants, lip fillers and tummy tucks.

As she shared in an Instagram Q&A in 2021, "No, I have not had a tummy tuck. But I would not think any less of someone else wanting to get one. I know the after-body challenges our body faces after going through pregnancy, so if some other mom chose to have a tummy tuck, by all means ... you do you."

Is Mimi from OutDaughtered in jail?

According to TMZ, Danielle’s mom Mimi, who was arrested for a DUI in 2021, is not in jail. Mimi, whose real name is Michelle Theriot, entered a one-year diversion program instead of facing jail time. As part of the program, Mimi could not drink alcohol or use controlled substances, and had to complete 24 hours of community service and a DWI education program, and submit to random drug testing.

How much do the Busbys get paid for each episode of OutDaughtered?

While it is unknown exactly how much the Busbys make for each episode of OutDaughtered, reality TV sources say it might be anywhere from $25,000 and $40,000 per episode each.

Where can I watch OutDaughtered Season 10?

OutDaughtered Season 10 will air on TLC and be available to stream on platforms like HBO Max, Discovery Plus, Apple TV Plus and Fubo TV.

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