Doctors turn to hypnosis to treat pain

Doctors and dentists are beginning to turn to hypnosis as it gains a reputation as a powerful way of helping patients deal with pain.

Adelaide psychologist Jacky Dakin said she and other professionals offering hypnosis to patients often get referrals from doctors and physiotherapists.

"Quite often at the end of a session people will say to me 'wow, I just had half an hour with no pain'," she said.

"It’s not all the woo-woo stuff we used to think, it’s just a state of deep relaxation.

"What we teach them is they can be in control of the pain rather than it being in control of them."

Dentists are also utilising the benefits of hypnosis, and Dr Jane Boroky said it can help with pain and anxiety.

"Some people can actually switch off pain or switch down pain, so it’s like turning down a dial," she said.

For more information about hypnosis, visit the South Australian Society of Hypnosis website.