DNC releases song panning RNC to counter Lara Trump’s single

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) unveiled a new song Friday to counter the single released by Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair Lara Trump.

“Lara Trump’s ‘music career’ is just like a waste of money. But we can appreciate the effort — and wanted to help Lara tell her own story about how she and her fellow MAGA extremists at the RNC are broke and losing election after election,” DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, referencing former President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, said in a statement.

“That’s why we’re excited to release our very first single, ‘Party’s Fallin’ Down,’ a summer party anthem about how the RNC is falling apart under Lara Trump and the rest of the new ultra-MAGA team,” Harrison added.

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of the former president, released a new song Friday and teased more releases, especially for her “fans in the liberal media.” The song, titled “Anything Is Possible,” is centered around faith. Last year she released a cover of Tom Petty’s 1989 song “I won’t back down.”

She became the new co-chair of the RNC earlier this month, after former Chair Ronna McDaniel stepped down following Super Tuesday. Since then, the RNC has undergone transformations, laying off staff and gearing up for the general election this fall.

The DNC’s single features song lyrics that mock Lara Trump, asking “What’s going on?”

“You’re running the RNC, but it’s a sad song (sad song),” the lyrics read. “Fundraising’s low, can’t meet the mark. Republicans losing, it’s getting dark.”

“Empty pockets, no money in sight,” it continues. “Candidates struggling, it’s a losing fight.”

Harrison said the DNC didn’t put as much money and time into making their song because they are “busy with our record-breaking fundraising and supporting Democrats up and down the ballot.”

“But Lara is by all means welcome to keep making music instead of trying to win elections,” he added in his statement.

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