WATCH: Divers capture incredible images of shark feeding frenzy off coast

Intrepid divers off the WA coast have come across a massive shark feeding frenzy - and dared to jump into the middle of it.

As they were surrounded by hundreds of the creatures, they managed to capture a series of incredible images.

The dark patch in the water is a tightly-packed gathering of small fish.

The hundreds of bigger fish streaming towards and through the gathering are sharks feeding.

A bait ball - where sharks stream through a packed gathering of small fish. Source: 7 News/Terra Australis

It's known as a bait ball - and these images show what it looks like from the inside.

"That is once in a lifetime stuff," diver Ryan Chatfield said.

Andre Rerekura is the man who swam into the thick of it.

Andre Rerekura dives into the thick of it. Source: 7 News/Terra Australis

"It was a little daunting once you were smothered in the bait, it was actually pretty dark, like black," he said.

Even with hundreds of sharks feeding around him, Andre said he never felt unsafe.

"We had some come at us pretty fast but they were pretty quick to turn and go the other way," he said.

The diver said he never felt unsafe amongst the sharks. Source: 7 News/Terra Australis

The divers were just south of Coral Bay when they spotted the feeding frenzy.

They are part of Terra Australis, a team of underwater cameramen.

The sharks in a feeding frenzy. Source: 7 News/Terra Australis

"We've seen so much various footage of sharks, but nothing ever like that," Ryan Chatfield said.

While this sort of action is not seen on Perth beaches, a white shark was sighted at Swanbourne on Wednesday and a warning sign has been issued from Leighton Beach to Sorrento.

In the past week, two white sharks have been detected a total of seven times in the metropolitan area.