Disturbing videos show Indian children reading obscene and ridiculous phrases for money

Natasha Christian

Disturbing videos showing Indian children reading offensive phrases for money have sparked an online petition.

The Change.Org petition started by Tejaswini Naik has been signed by Australians after it was found people were paying $5 to have children read out obscene, offensive and ‘funny’ lines for them.

“A ‘tuition teacher’ is charging 5 dollars to make these innocent children say these perverted lines and have their videos put up on the internet,” the petition reads.

“This tuition teacher is not just making his class children say vulgar things. He is also taking money to write messages on their half-naked bodies and make them dance.

"Again, these videos are online for everyone to see,” it continued.

Each video shows the children sitting in a village in front of a blackboard.

The children are instructed to read out phrases people have paid for.

They are then taught to say the lines in English which vary from video to video.

Some of the lines so far have been: “Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong,”
“Feminism is Cancer” and “I get more a** than a toilet seat.”

Other lines include blatantly racist, sexual and hate filled content.

The children featured in the footage are no older than ten.

The petition calls on YouTube to remove the content.

So far more than 11,000 people have signed it.

“Indian children are on sale for the world to do with as they please,” the petition continued.

“If this disturbs and disgusts you, sign my petition asking YouTube to take down these videos immediately”.

It’s believed the popular video website has started to remove some of the videos but not all of them.

“Is exploitation of children for commercial gain and featuring them in obscene content not a violation?” The petition asked.

Photo: A petition has been launched to stop the videos.

“We need to stop this immediately or this twisted trend will spread and become a plague that will expose our country’s children to the world and the Internet’s scariest monsters.”

The petition can be found here.