Horrific Snapchat video shows teen boxing kangaroo to death

WARNING - DISTURBING CONTENT: Authorities are investigating an alleged animal cruelty incident involving a kangaroo being punched and stomped to death at a NSW border town.

Inquiries began after two videos were shared to Snapchat, upsetting a number of local youths in Mildura, as well as over the Murray River in Gol Gol — where it’s believed the alleged incident likely occurred.

Police confirmed they became aware of the issue on Sunday night and as of Wednesday morning inquiries were continuing. The investigation is believed to involve a juvenile male.

Left - a boy pulling a kangaroo out of the back of a ute by its tail. Middle - a man in hi-vis with his hands in a boxing stance. The kangaroo is on the ground. Right - the man in hi-vis is now reaching down, preparing to punch the kangaroo.
A kangaroo was beaten to death in a shed in a rural Australian town. Source: Facebook

Details of the alleged incident were also shared to Facebook, but removed days later by the platform, surprisingly for bullying and harassment rather than the content of the videos. Facebook has been contacted for comment.

Two videos show horrifying kangaroo beating

The videos contain repeated moments of graphic animal abuse, featuring a kangaroo being punched and stomped to death.

Some details were not shared on social media due to their graphic nature. Yahoo News has elected not to show the videos due to their disturbing content.

The first video begins with a boy wearing hi-vis and shorts directing a female to position her phone camera on him.

He then reaches into the back of a ute and pulls out a small eastern grey kangaroo by its tail and lets it drop to the ground. The creature struggles to get away but falls to the ground. Its leg has been snapped at the hip.

“Get back here, get back here,” the boy says.

The camera focuses on the boy’s heavy boots. Dancing around the kangaroo, the boy pretends to be a boxer. He punches it and stomps it to death. The violence worsens.

“Oh, my god,” the female says. The boy makes a victorious yelp and smiles at the camera.

In a second video, the boy leans in to inspect the kangaroo, tickling the dying animal under the chin saying, “Coochie, coochie coo. Tickle, tickle, tickle”.

He instructs the female on how to “stomp on it”. Laughter can be heard before the video ends.

Shooting licences and permits 'handed out like lollies'

It's not the first time an incident of alleged cruelty towards kangaroos has been reported to authorities.

In September, Yahoo News Australia reported on a separate incident in Victoria involving a cache of animal abuse material.

Animals Australia legal counsel Shatha Hamade said she was "horrified" by the videos from Gol Gol showing alleged abuse of a kangaroo.

She argues the alleged incident "mirrors the broad lack of respect" shown by state governments which issue killing permits and shooting licences.

“Shooting licences and permits are handed out like lollies in Victoria and NSW which has created a culture of disrespect and ultimately cruelty in which wildlife is viewed as target practice," she said.

“Rural residents in areas frequented by hunters are terrorised by the nightly sound of gun shots permeating throughout their properties, and then wake in the morning to find gruesome scenes of wildlife carnage with kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and other native species killed or maimed and left to die.

“If we want to put a stop to vile acts of cruelty to animals by both adults and children, we must stop condoning the indiscriminate killing of our native wildlife for recreational and commercial purposes.”

Anyone with further information to help the investigation can contact Dareton Police or RSPCA NSW on 1300 CRUELTY.

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