Disturbing images emerge after kangaroos mutilated while still alive

'These attacks appear to have been carried out by a small group of young men.'

WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT: Investigators are searching for those behind a series of “violent” kangaroo mutilations carried out around a regional high school and university.

RSPCA Western Australia told Yahoo it has received reports over the past four to six weeks, leading up to the most recent animal welfare case on July 15.

Details of the cruel attacks have been described as “harrowing” with the animals left to suffer until they were discovered and then humanely euthanised. But in other cases the bodies were not found, leading to concerns the animals could have died slow deaths.

Drag marks on the dusty ground. There is a pool of blood in the dirt. The log is blood socked and split.
Drag marks can be seen between a pool of blood and a log near where kangaroos were mutilated. Source: RSPCA
A close up image shows a spiked log covered in blood on top of another log.
A close up image reveals a spiked log covered in blood. Source: RSPCA WA

Cruel details of roo attacks revealed as hunt for perpetrators continues

Images supplied to Yahoo News Australia came with a warning from the RSPCA about their distressing nature as they reveal the aftermath of the brutality. One haunting image shows drag marks extending from a two bloody logs to a heavy pool on the ground. Elsewhere the grass is speckled in fresh blood drops.

Other photos are too disturbing to share. They show the aftermath of what the RSPCA's Genna Haines described as "cruel, crude and deliberate acts" that would have caused "immense suffering".

"In one case, it appears a kangaroo had his legs cut off while he was still alive," Ms Haines said. "In another, a mother and joey had their legs broken and were left alive, unable to hop. They had to be humanely euthanised. A third incident involved decapitation."

Left and centre - blood on the grass. Right - one of the dead kangaroos.
Photographic evidence gathered at the scenes hints at the cruelty inflicted on the kangaroos. Source: RSPCA WA

Details of those responsible for roo attacks emerge

One attack was witness at night and there is limited CCTV of the attacks, but the RSPCA has been able to drive the case forward.

Attacks have been reported at Manea College Bunbury, Edith Cowan University along with bushland at Usher, College Grove and Carey Park.

"What we do know is these attacks appear to have been carried out by a small group of young men in utes or on mopeds or motorbikes,” Ms Haines said. “I suspect the perpetrators would have told someone something about these assaults and I know they will have family members, friends or colleagues who will be appalled by the details of these cases.”

Anyone with information about the attacks is urged to dial the RSPCA WA Cruelty Hotline on 1300 278 350. The state’s maximum penalty for an animal cruelty conviction is $50,000 in fines and five years in jail.

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