‘Disorderly’ Yellowstone tourist arrested after run-in with bison

Yellowstone National Park marked its spring opening on April 19, and it took only two days for a careless tourist to become injured by a bison.

The park announced Monday that on April 21, Clarence Yoder of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was injured after illegally approaching within 25 yards of a bison.

The incident occurred on the West Entrance Road near the Seven Mile Bridge. Yoder, 40, sustained only minor injuries and was subsequently arrested.

According to a news release, Yoder was arrested by a ranger who was responding to reports that Yoder was harassing a herd of bison and had kicked a bison in the leg.

He was charged with being under the influence of alcohol, disorderly conduct, and approaching and disturbing wildlife.

Bison images courtesy of Yellowstone National Park

McKenna Bass, 37, who was driving the vehicle in which Yoder had been riding, was cited for driving under the influence, interference or failure to yield to emergency light activation, and disturbing wildlife.

Both men, who face fines of up to $5,000 and six months of jail for each violation, pleaded innocent of all charges on April 22.

This was the first reported incident involving a park tourist being injured by a bison in 2024. The last such incident occurred on July 17, 2023.

Story originally appeared on For The Win