'She died right in front of me': Learner driver was ‘conducting u-turn’ when fatal collision occurred

A young learner driver who lost her life in a car accident, which also left her father in a critical condition, was said to be performing a u-turn when the fatal collision occurred.

Jodie Gillett, 19, on her L plates, was being taught to drive by her father, Gary Gillett, in her red Suzuki Swift when they were hit by a Ford Falcon on Old Northern Road in Glenorie, northwest NSW, on Friday evening.

Shocked witnesses rushed to the pair’s aid but were unable to save her life.

Witnesses say Jodie Gillett, 19, was performing a u-turn when the fatal collision happened. Source: 7News

“I just tried to talk to her and tried to keep her going that way but you couldn’t open the door, you couldn’t do anything… just mangled,” nearby resident David King said.

Mr King and his friends ran to the scene from his home after hearing the smash.

They did all they could to help before paramedics arrived.

Paramedics were unable to save the young driver’s life. Source: 7News
Witness David King said there was nothing he and friends could do to save Ms Gillett’s life. Source: 7News

Her father was airlifted to hospital with critical injuries.

The 38-year old-driver of the Ford was taken to Westmead Hospital for blood and urine testing.

“It’s a really sad thing. She died right in front of me,” Mr King revealed.

Ms Gillet’s father remains in a critical condition following the crash. Source: 7News

Witnesses say Ms Gillett was trying to do a U-turn, in the moments before the crash.

“That’s one avenue of enquiry but until we can ascertain exactly what occurred, we’d be speculating,” Chief Inspector Frank Gilroy told media.

Mr Gillett remains at Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition, with his traumatised wife by his bedside.

Ms Gillett’s death came on the same day police launched Fatality Free Friday.

The NSW road toll is now 120 – with 17 more deaths than this time last year.

“It’s absolutely tragic when these things occur and all drivers should be aware to take care,” Chief Inspector Gilroy said.