'Did you know Covid has a sound?': ICU nurse’s 'powerful' TikTok

A nurse treating Covid-19 patients in hospital has shared a confronting video stating the virus “has a sound”.

The US-based nurse, who uses the TikTok handle @nurse_sushi, posted a clip asking viewers: “Did you know Covid has a sound?”

“Once the patient is intubated and sedated, which is all 30 of our ICU guys right now, you think that the patients can’t make any noise,” she says.

“They just make a different kind of noise now.”

The video cuts to black. A beeping noise plays repeatedly in the background. Then another kicks in. Then more.

A caption explains the noises are red alarms and “mean a vital sign has reached a crucial limit”.

The US-based nurse who posted the video.
The US-based nurse posted a clip asking viewers: “Did you know Covid has a sound?”. Source: TikTok/@nurse_sushi

“This is what we hear all night because we can’t drop the alarm parameters anymore,” the caption reads.

“Your nurses are listening to you starve for oxygen, knowing there is nothing more we can do.

“You’re intubated, proned, paralysed, and on maximum ventilator support. You’re not a candidate for a VV-ECMO.”

A VV-ECMO is a machine that provides support for the heart and lungs.

“Soon, your heart, tired of oxygen starvation, will arrest,” the caption reads.

“Over and over we will try to bring you back. Eventually we won’t be able to.”

The nurse said all 30 of the ICU patients are unvaccinated and half of them will die within days.

The video resonated with many viewers and has attracted hundreds of thousands of comments.

One woman said it left her “bawling”.

“These were the sounds my dad made in February when he passed from Covid,” she wrote.

Others called it “powerful” and a reminder about the importance of getting vaccinated as “this is all preventable”.

“And there’s a group that says this isn’t real,” one man wrote.

“That’s the sad part.”

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