Devastated dog owner's warning over fatal saltwater poisoning

A day at the beach turned fatal for a water-loving Labrador who swallowed too much saltwater and died of poisoning.

University student Chris Taylor said his pooch nicknamed O.G. loved nothing more than going for a dip, so he took his pet for a swim after class last Monday.

After a great time at the beach in Florida, US, the dog and his owner headed home, where the dog started experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea, which lasted into the next day.

A day at the beach turned fatal after Chris Taylor’s water-loving Labrador swallowed too much salt water and died of poisoning. Source: Fox 13 via Chris Taylor

“Towards the end of the evening, he was obviously tired and little wobbly after a long day at the beach,” Mr Taylor told Fox13. 

“We took him to the car. He had a little bit of diarrhoea, he didn’t feel that well.”

O.G. managed to drink some water and eat a little food on Tuesday but by the next day the pup was refusing to eat and stopped responding when called.

That’s when Mr Taylor knew something was seriously wrong with his buddy, and rushed him to the vet. By that stage, O.G. had become dehydrated and was suffering brain damage and seizures.

Sadly, Mr Taylor was given the devastating news his dog was suffering from saltwater poisoning, which can be fatal for dogs and cats which have ingested larger amounts of saltwater.

Labrador O.G had to be put down after he became dehydrated and suffered brain damage and seizures. Source: Fox 13 via Chris Taylor

“He had such a vibrant spirit,” he told Fox13.

“If there was a tennis ball and a stick in a big body of water that’s what he would love to do most.”

The shattered man is sharing his tragic story to warn other dog owners and potentially prevent saltwater poisoning from killing other pets.

Vets recommend limiting your pet’s time at the beach and in saltwater to just one to two hours to prevent saltwater poisoning.

The condition can appear to come on gradually so by time a pet is brought into the vet it is often too late to save them.

Dog owners suspecting their pet might be suffering from saltwater poisoning are urged to get their pet to the vet as soon as possible.