'Devast8' tattoo teen dad cashes in on newfound fame

The former prison inmate with the word “DEVAST8” tattooed across his face has cashed in on his newfound fame.

Mark Cropp, 19, a single father who received a facial tattoo behind bars shot to worldwide fame after he took to social media complaining about how no one would hire him.

He has since been employed as a chicken chaser because the chooks “don’t care” about his famous tattoo.

But now the teen father has managed to cash in on another gig after making an appearance at Auckland nightclub Cassette Nine on Saturday night.

Cropp made an appearance at the nightclub for a $50 bar tab. Source: Facebook

Cropp was seen showering the crowd with fake money from a gun.

Cassette Nine promoter Alex Vine told The Mail Online Cropp agreed to make an appearance with his partner Taneia Ruki for a $50 bar tab.

Mr Vine said Cropp’s appearance was “well-received” but “quite intense”.

“Everyone started filming it,” he said.

Cropp initially received an offer from Sacred Laser to have the tattoo removed and began the process.

But earlier this month the clinic said Cropp hadn’t made any further appointments.

Ms Ruki told The Metro her partner is “really pleased to be employed”.