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Detail on eggs sold at Coles and Woolworths leads to 'amazing' discovery

A grocery shopper couldn't control her excitement after finding an unusual detail on a carton of Manning Valley Free Range Eggs, which are sold at Coles, Woolworths and hundreds of other specialty stores.

Victorian woman Celia Gercovich noticed the words "Free Range Webcam" on her purchase and, sure enough, she discovered that the egg supplier has a live webcam that allows curious Aussies to keep an eye on its chickens in real-time.

"Our Free Range Webcam at one of our Manning Valley farms streams from 10am until dusk in suitable weather conditions," reads a message on the company's website.

Manning Valley Free Range Eggs, which are sold at Coles, webcam view
Manning Valley Free Range Eggs are sold at Coles, Woolworths and hundreds of other specialty stores. Source: Manning Valley Free Range Eggs

The live webcam pans across Manning Valley's considerable flock of chickens at five free range farms in regional NSW.

Those who would like to catch a glimpse of the chooks in their natural habitat can do so at the company's Our Chickens page.

Peter Matuszny, owner of Manning Valley Free Range Eggs, installed cameras around the barns seven years ago to allow consumers to see their operations and give young people an educational insight into raising chickens.

Shopper egg-cited over webcam: 'So happy'

Upon visiting the Manning Valley Free Range Webcam, Ms Gercovich shared her find on TikTok, taking users on a virtual tour of the Manning Valley live webcam.

Still of chickens roaming on farm
The Manning Valley Free Range Eggs webcam will delight chook fans. Source: Manning Valley Free Range Eggs

"When I buy eggs I always go for free range ones and this is how I picture them, just living in a big field where they can just run around," says Gercovich as she watches the chickens.

She concludes: "This just makes me so happy."

Fellow Aussies shared the shopper’s sentiments, commenting that the chicken webcam is "awesome", "wholesome" and "so cool".

What does 'free range' mean under Australian laws?

In Australia, to be classified as a free range egg farm, hens must have meaningful and regular access to an outdoor range during daylight hours for at least eight hours a day.

According to Australian Eggs, the maximum outdoor stocking density for free range egg farming is 10,000 hens per hectare of land or one hen per square metre. Each egg farm must state its outdoor stocking density on egg cartons.

"Importantly, free range hens are free to choose when to go outside and how long to stay there," reads the Australian Eggs website.

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