Detail in Woolworths banana sign sparks debate: 'Wait what?'

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A Woolworths customer’s photo of a supermarket produce sign has sparked an eyebrow-raising debate on social media.

Many Aussies traditionally enjoy a piece of fruit on their cereal or in a fruit salad; but Woolworths is also adding another serving suggestion to the mix - barbecued bananas.

Redditor deepestdescent shared a snap of a Woolworths sign, which suggests that browning or spotted bananas are "perfect to cook on the BBQ".

The photograph, captioned "Wait what?" quickly earned a lot of attention from other Reddit users, who are torn about the idea of chucking a banana on the barbie.

Woolworths sign suggesting to BBQ bananas; bananas on a grill
Not everyone was sold on Woolworths' serving suggestion. Source: Reddit, Getty Images

"Throw some watermelon on the hot plate while you're at it," said one Redditor

"People chuck the sh*ts about pineapple on pizza, but this is somehow socially acceptable?" wrote another.

"Because Aussies can't afford meat any more," joked a third, referring to soaring grocery prices.

“In Australia we BBQ everything apparently,” commented a fourth.

Not all users were against chucking a banana on a hot plate, with a surprising amount of Redditors claiming those who haven't done so are "missing out".

Debate prompts influx of banana recipes

Many Redditors have taken the image as an opportunity to share their own sweet and savoury barbecued banana recipes in the comments.

"Try just a sprinkling of curry powder on a pan fried banana. It's surprisingly good," one person wrote.

"Grilled bananas with cinnamon, honey, and vanilla ice cream. Give it a go," commented another.

"Cut a slit down the skin. On one side shove mini marshmallows. In the other choc chips. Wrap securely in tinfoil. Can either be cooked on a BBQ or even in fire coals. Seriously tasty," said a third.

"Yeah or cut a slit down the middle, fill the slit with chocolate buttons, drizzle of Cointreau and a side of ice cream. Wrap in foil with the skin on," added a fourth.

Many users have said that barbecued bananas pair well with butterscotch, cream, and brandy; while several others have spoken about making banana fritters or pisang goreng, which is an Indonesian fried banana.

The Woolworths customer who took the photo was swayed by the recipe suggestions, commenting: "You're all making me hungry. I'm sorry for doubting you Woolies. I'm going to give some of these recipes a try."

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