Detail in new Putin video fires up health rumours

Fresh video of Russian President Vladimir Putin has fuelled speculation surrounding his health.

Multiple sources have said Mr Putin is suffering from blood cancer, while there are also claims he has Parkinson's Disease.

Viral video of Mr Putin last month showed him gripping a table in discomfort during a 12-minute long meeting with his defence minister.

And now another meeting is being purported as further evidence Mr Putin's health has rapidly deteriorated.

Putin again looked uncomfortable in a meeting in Moscow. source: Reuters
Putin again looked uncomfortable in a meeting in Moscow. source: Reuters

Sat across from Russian oligarch Sergey Chemezov, Mr Putin appears bloated and again looks as if he is gripping furniture for stability.

Mr Putin splutters and coughs throughout the meet, which was shared by Russian broadcasters, The Sun reported.

It comes days after video of a meeting with Tajikistan's president Emomali Rahmon, where the 69-year-old's foot repeatedly twitches, even drawing the attention of Mr Rahmon.

Last week Ukraine's spy chief claimed a coup was underway to remove Mr Putin from power, saying he was in “a very bad psychological and physical condition".

Sources claim the Kremlin is lining up multiple doubles to fill in for Mr Putin if he is unable to make official engagements due to his condition or impending surgery.

It comes just months into his nation's invasion of Ukraine, with Kremlin insiders suggesting there is growing unrest over Putin's handling of the war.

It was reported earlier this week that Ukrainian troops had pushed Russian forces back from the northeastern city of Kharkiv and some have advanced as far as the border with Russia.

The developments, if confirmed, would signal a further shift in momentum in favour of Ukraine nearly three months into a conflict that began when Russia sent tens of thousands of troops over the border into Ukraine on February 24.

In another blow to Mr Putin, Finland and Sweden have applied to join the NATO military alliance.

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