Detail in Coles photo sparks bitter gripe: 'Every day this happens'

Shoppers are divided over the 'lazy' act.

A photo taken from inside a Coles store in Perth has enraged locals who’ve slammed the laziness of shoppers for forcing “thousands of dollars of food” to go to waste.

In the shot taken of the cleaning aisle, boxes of washing powder can be seen piled up on several shelves. But among the products are a couple items that don’t belong: A loaf of bread and two bananas.

“I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just put the items back where they were rather than dumping them in the cleaning aisle,” the poster wrote on Reddit. “I get that some people are lazy or in a rush, but it’s only a 20 metre walk most of the time.”

The shelf in Coles with the bananas and loaf of bread.
The shot of the shelf in Coles sparked opinionated debate online. Source: Reddit

‘They’re lazy jerks’

The shopper's public gripe clearly struck a chord with exasperated customers and supermarket employees alike expressing their annoyance.

“I work nightfill at Woolies and the amount of bananas I find scattered around the store is nuts,” one person said. “Some people leave things around because it’s funny like the cucumbers in the condom display. Some people leave things because they’re lazy”.

“I work at a supermarket and all day, every day this happens,” another said. “Just yesterday I found two packets of frozen fruit sitting on a display of biscuits that was next to the frozen fruit! It breaks my heart because that’s $15 down the drain and we can’t donate it or sell it. Straight to the bin.”

Others agreed leaving chilled items was a particularly low act.

“The bananas don’t bother me as much as people who leave freezer/fridge items in the aisles, they’re the real jerks,” one commenter said.

An aisle at Woolworths.
Some shoppers said it was the store's employees who should return items to the shelf. Source: AAP

“Especially when it’s something pricey like meat, ... (and) when there is a fridge very close by,” another user agreed.

“I become homicidal when someone puts a cold item on top of a fridge or a display next to it”.

“These are the same people who won’t walk the trolley the 10m to the trolley collection bay but instead dump it to roll around the car park into someone’s car,” another said.

However not all Reddit users were on the same page with one person insisting it was up to the supermarket staff to return the items.

“They have workers who will put it back,” they wrote. “Nobody is going all the way from laundry to fruit to put back a banana.”

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