New details emerge as mum, baby vanish

The new detail was released amid a frenzied search for a mother and her child, after an umbilical cord was found on a Sydney river bank. Picture: NewsWire/ Gaye Gerard

NSW Police say an umbilical cord which was recently found on the banks of a Sydney river belonged to a baby boy.

Authorities continue to hold serious welfare concerns, and remain on the search for the baby and his mother, after an umbilical cord and placenta was found by a dog walker at the Cooks River in Earlwood at about 4.30pm on Monday.

Forensic testing has confirmed the baby is a boy, and Strike Force Wagonia detectives are continuing to investigate the incident.

Police have confirmed the umbilical cord found on the muddy banks of the Cook River belongs to a boy. Both the baby and his mum have yet to come forward. Picture: NewsWire/ Gaye Gerard

Police have yet to confirm whether the birth occurred on the river bank, or elsewhere.

Sharing the update on Thursday, authorities repeated pleas for the mother to attend her nearest hospital in order to receive urgent care for herself and her son, a sentiment which was strongly echoed by NSW Health Minister Ryan Park.

“My heart absolutely goes out to this mother and her young baby,” he said on Tuesday.

“I want to say this very clearly to her if she’s listening, or if her friends and family who are no doubt in distress or listening: You’re not in trouble.

“You don’t have to talk to the police. The only thing I ask that you do is make your way to one of our hospitals so that we can care for you and your baby as quickly as possible.”

Divers were seen searching the bank of Cooks River on Tuesday. Picture: NewsWire/ Gaye Gerard

Shortly after the discover, Detective Chief Superintendent Christine McDonald said she hoped one of the nearby homes or businesses in Earlwood had CCTV footage of the woman, or a pregnant woman in distress.

She said that childbirth could be a “traumatic time” for many people and acknowledged it could be a distressing time.

“I am deeply concerned for the safety and the mental health of the mother,” said Superintendent McDonald.

“I need to know that she’s safe and I need to know that she is receiving the support that she needs right now.”

Anyone with information, or CCTV vision is urged to contact Burwood Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.