Despicable Minion taunts homeowner after caught on CCTV stealing his lawn

A confused Kalgoorlie homeowner is being taunted online by a person who dressed up in a minion costume and stole a chunk of his immaculate front lawn.

Bradley Nicklin may regret boasting about just how great his yard looked after his CCTV cameras caught the despicable thief brazenly entering his yard with a shovel in hand.

It wasn’t until Sunday morning when Mr Nicklin was nursing his hangover on the front porch, that he noticed the delicately removed section of lawn.

The minion was filmed entering Mr Nickel's Kalgoorlie home before cutting out a chunk of lawn. Source: Facebook

"I noticed it was done with a shovel, not an animal, so I went through the [CCTV]," he told the West Australian.

“We couldn’t stop laughing.”

But the mischievous minion was far from content with just stealing Mr Nicklin’s lawn, he wanted to torment him too.

Starting a Facebook page by the name of ‘Carl Minion’, the lawn bandit shared photos of him running down the street with a shovel in one hand and his prized patch of grass in the other.

The minion has since started taunting Mr Nicklin, posing for photos with his newly acquired lawn. Source: Facebook

The following day a video of the minion watering the patch of grass on an otherwise dirt-filled backyard was uploaded.

A highly amused Mr Nicklin thinks he only has himself to blame after bragging about how great his lawn was looking.

"I've got a funny feeling it's one of my mates because I sent a Snapchat earlier that weekend saying how good my grass was," Mr Nicklin added.