Delivery rider's dangerous stunt in busy Sydney tunnel

Motorists were forced to drastically reduce their speed in the WestConnex tunnel on Saturday evening.

Alarming video appears to show a Sydney food delivery rider cycling through a WestConnex tunnel on Saturday evening.

The clip shows traffic slowing down and a warning issued to drivers on overhead screens with the left lane closed off.

The rider had caused traffic to slow down considerably. Source: Reddit/ mulimulix
The rider had caused traffic to slow down considerably. Source: Reddit/ mulimulix

The person who shared the video on Reddit and later with Yahoo News Australia said the cyclist was heading eastbound about 8pm and had likely been in the tunnel for several kilometres.

"I entered at the start of westconnex going eastbound in Homebush. The cyclist appears roughly a minute after passing the "Five Dock" indication inside the tunnel," they explained.

"[The cyclist] brought almost the whole tunnel behind it down to 40km/h until the traffic passed it."

Yahoo has contacted WestConnex for further information regarding the fate of the delivery rider.

While some online criticised the rider's behaviour saying such a "reckless" act put others at risk, others sympathised with them, saying riders often risk their lives for minimal pay. Others suggested they may be unfamiliar with the rules around tunnels.

It's not the first time delivery riders have wrongly entered the WestConnex system, with the network reporting an increase in incidents in 2020 coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Riders entering tunnels increased with delivery apps

The state government have long warned of the dangers of cycling in tunnels since the rise in food delivery services.

The maximum penalty for the illegal act sits at $3300.

In 2020, then WestConnex CEO Andrew Head told Nine News he feared it was only a matter of time before a rider lost their life.

"I hold my breath when I see these incidents, always hoping that they're not going to end in tragedy," he said.

Riders are urged to make sure they have the correct GPS settings on their devices to ensure they are correctly identified as cyclists and not a motor vehicle.

In 2016, then roads minister Duncan Gay called riders who enter tunnels "idiots".

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