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Defeated Tennessee MAGA Mayoral Candidate Still Hasn’t Conceded

Office of Alderman Gabrielle Hanson
Office of Alderman Gabrielle Hanson

Gabrielle Hanson, the failed MAGA mayoral candidate from Franklin, Tennessee, has yet to concede defeat in an election that ended Tuesday night with her defeat, News Channel 5 reported Wednesday. Journalist Phil Williams wrote in a post to X, formerly known as Twitter, that the city’s incumbent mayor, Ken Moore, had still not received a concession call from Hanson as of Wednesday afternoon. Hanson’s social media accounts, which had been posting daily, were equally silent. Her final post came Tuesday morning, when she claimed that voting machines were malfunctioning (which election officials denied). She also urged voters to snap photos of their ballots (which is illegal in Tennessee). Hanson, who was endorsed by the local Moms For Liberty chapter and fought to block a Pride event in Franklin, had a campaign filled with scandal. She was once photographed smiling next to white supremacists, reporters revealed she was arrested for promoting prostitution in college, and an old photo surfaced of her husband wearing nothing but a Speedo at a Pride parade in Chicago.

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