Deadly serpent found near Queensland holiday-goers

Krystal Johnson

A deadly eastern brown snake slithered into a frightening spot at a popular holiday location on the Sunshine Coast.

The serpent snaked its way into a pipe on a beach at Cotton Tree Holiday Park.

It took a snake catcher 40 minutes to retrieve the one-and-a-half metre venomous reptile from a pipe as dozens of people watched on.

If you see a snake do not try this and call a professional snake catcher. Photo: 7 News

The reptile was later released in a nearby bushland.

A Sunshine Coast snake catcher told 7 News that they are the second most venomous snake in the world.

“It’s not an ideal place for one at a populated beach at a busy caravan park,” he said.

The snake was later released into the bushland. Photo: 7 News

Snake catchers say eastern browns are most active in summer. Anyone who comes across one should not go near it and call an expert.

Eastern browns are known to utilise man-made cover for shelter.

They can be cannibalistic in over-crowded conditions and even prey on snakes of almost similar size.

According to the Australia Museum, many bites have come from a direct result of people trying to kill these snakes - situations that could have been avoided.

Eastern Brown snakes are know to utilise man-made cover like pipes and plastic covers. Photo: Getty

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