Deadly creature hiding in door frame – can you spot it?

A snake catcher called to the home told Yahoo it was the first place she looked after the creature 'disappeared'.

After giving one Aussie family a serious fright, a deadly creature was so well hidden in the grooves of a doorframe that the residents were left searching their unit for hours – for the reptile's crafty hiding spot only to be found by a seasoned professional.

The small eastern brown snake — measuring only 30 centimetres — "disappeared" inside the Seaford unit in Adelaide's south on Tuesday with snake catcher Ange Broadstock explaining the snake likely went into hiding because of all the commotion after it was spotted.

"It was a pretty open space unit and snakes don't like to be out in the open, especially if there's a human around, so they will go to the first possible hiding site and hide there," she told Yahoo News Australia. "I found it straight away [it was] the first place I looked."

Left, the deadly creature is barely visible in the sliding door frame. Right, the eastern brown slithering on a grey cover.
The deadly creature was an eastern brown snake hidden inside the door frame in Seaford, South Australia. Source: Facebook

The tight space proved difficult to gain access to and she required patience to remove it, with the residents admitting they had opened the door numerous time without knowing the snake was inside the grooves.

"It just went from one side of the door to the other and I had to keep poking its tail with a hook until it popped its head out," she said.

Snake hatchlings are 'everywhere' at the moment

The snake in question was "two years old" but has the same venom potency of a mature eastern brown, with the species ranked the second most venomous in the world.

However it's mostly hatchlings the snake catcher has been relocating recently as they are "everywhere" during hatchling season.

"It's getting really busy with hatchlings out there... I've been dealing with hatchings for about two weeks so far and I'll continue probably for the next three or four weeks over the season," she said.

Hatchlings have the same potency as mature adults also — meaning one 15 centimetre hatchling's venom is as strong as a mature snake that might be 1.5 metres long.

Broadstock relocated the snake without issue, describing him as a "cute lil fella".

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