Dead penguins wash up on Altona Beach

Dead penguins wash up on Altona Beach

The mystery deaths of a group of penguins that washed up on Altona Beach has wildlife experts puzzled.

The bodies of some 30 birds were collected for further analysis following the grim discovery this morning.

Zoe Hogg, from the Earthcare St Kilda's penguin team, said it was an extremely unusual sight, and there is no clear sign of what killed them.

"The majority of the penguins look in pretty good condition. There are one or two which are skinny, but most of them look quite good.

"There's no smell of oil. Something in the bay, we don't know what, has got to them."

About 1200 of the 'Little Penguin' breed live at St Kilda and many more on Phillip Island.

The penguins will be analysed at Melbourne University and Melbourne Zoo to determine a cause of death.

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