Davina McCall says ‘cruel’ remarks about her weight left her ‘feeling furious’

Davina McCall has urged people to think before they comment on someone’s appearance as she said “cruel” remarks about her weight left her “feeling furious”.

The 56-year-old TV presenter, who regularly posts about exercising and health products, opened up about the “abuse” she has received online in a video shared to Instagram.

In the post, McCall said she is “happy” with the way she looks and told social media users that if they cannot say anything positive, then they should not bother at all.

“Hi, I just thought I’d quickly do a post about the, I guess it is like, abuse really, that I’m getting about my weight,” she said in the video.

“It’s really frustrating. I feel like people post these things and then they have no consequences because they can post whatever they like and be cruel and I just have to take it.

“And I’m actually just left sitting feeling furious so I thought I’d offload here.

“I’m a 5ft 6in woman who weighs 61 kilos. I don’t diet, I exercise. I eat relatively healthily. And I enjoy sharing that journey with people.

“I’m 57 this year and I’m happy with the way that I look and I feel absolutely f****** great.”

Reflecting on comments made about her neck, The Masked Singer judge said: “I can’t really do much about my neck and my face unless I fill it with filler. I don’t know what to do. My neck is my neck.”

Davina McCall comments
Davina McCall (Lucy North/PA)

McCall also noted that other posts on her page show she is “not unhealthy” as she described the whole experience as “horrible”.

She added: “I’m just saying maybe think before you post something and wouldn’t it be nicer to say something positive.

“And if you can’t say anything positive, don’t bother.”

Alongside the post the TV star said she would “probably regret” posting the video as she normally does not speak out against hateful comments.

Among the those who offered their support to McCall was sports broadcaster Gabby Logan who said “you look bloody gorgeous” while singer Rachel Stevens added: “You’re friggin amazing”.

Broadcaster Fearne Cotton also commented: “Your body is NO ONES business. Its your beautiful body that allows you to (do) so much.”