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Daughter of Tina Greer, missing for 11 years, shares her heartbreak: 'No support'

As an inquest into Tina Greer's suspected death prepares to go ahead next month, her daughter has opened up on the trauma of dealing with a missing loved one.

A young woman whose mum has been missing for 11 years has tearfully shared the never-ending trauma she endures trying to carry on without her.

In light of National Missing Persons Week and the current inquest into the disappearance of Tina Greer, her daughter Lili Greer has called for more support for the family and friends of missing people.

"The missing persons space is so overlooked," the Queensland woman tearfully shared in a TikTok video posted on Wednesday.

A photo of Lili Greer with tears in her eyes. A photo of Tina Greer, who has been missing for 11 years.
Lili Greer has called for more support for the family and friends of missing people ahead of the inquest into her mother Tina Greer’s death. Source: TikTok (TikToK)

Lili was just 13 when she last saw her mum. An inquest into her mum's suspected death was due to go ahead this month but has been delayed until September.

"The general public, media, police officers and the coroners court are so uneducated about the impacts of having a missing loved one and what that does to families of a missing loved one," Ms Greer said in her video.

"I just got off the phone with [the Queensland Coroner's Court] and [they] said 'make sure you talk to someone you love' or whatever...," she said.

"This should be provided to families of missing people. It's so traumatic and never ending. It's just ridiculous."

In a separate video, the 23-year-old shared several photos of her and her mum together. She is determined to seek justice for her mum, raising awareness about "domestic violence, homicide and missing persons" through the 'Tina Greer Project'.

How did missing persons week start?

In 2022, there were over 55,000 missing persons reports made to police in Australia, which is nearly 150 missing reports per day.

In the first week of August, National Missing Persons Week (NMPW) is held — established after the disappearance of Tony Jones in 1982 in Townsville — to raise awareness and try to seek answers.

During July 30 to August 5, police initiatives such as the National DNA Program are encouraged and long-term missing person cases are highlighted.

Two photos of Lili Greer with her missing mum, Tina Greer.
Tina Greer's body was never found. Source: TikTok (TikToK)

“In Australia, there are 750 unidentified human remains and 2500 long-term missing persons cases," Australian Federal Police (AFP) Assistant Commissioner Hans Koenderink said in a statement on Sunday.

“The community plays a critical role in helping police with information that can help to solve a missing persons case.”

Tina Greer 'likely' murdered by boyfriend

Tina Greer is believed to have been murdered by her notorious bikie ex-boyfriend more than a decade ago, likely stalked by the man in her final days, a court has been told.

She was last seen by her family at a Beechmont Rd home n Queensland’s Scenic Rim region on January 18, 2012, intending to travel to the rural town of Clumber.

She was intending to visit her abusive then-boyfriend Les “Grumpy” Sharman – a long-term member of the notorious Finks bikie gang.

The inquest will examine the adequacy of the police investigation into Ms Greer’s disappearance and their response to her disclosures of domestic and family violence. It will also examine the response from the Salvation Army Gold Coast Recovery Services.

Sharman was considered a suspect in Ms Greer’s disappearance and murder but was never interviewed by police, nor formally charged. He died in 2018 in a car crash.

In Queensland, social workers and psychologists are available from the Coronial Family Services for next of kin whose family member's death is being investigated by the coroner.

In NSW, free counselling is offered at any stage of a missing person’s investigation.

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