Why people are defending this driver's 'illegal' behaviour

A morning commuter whose attempt to avoid traffic was captured on dashboard camera footage has been shared online to shame their behaviour.

But instead the driver has received some surprising support.

According to the Facebook page that shared the video, the incident happened on Monday morning outside Gosford on the NSW Central Coast.

The short clip shows a silver hatchback driving along what is reportedly a section of freeway where road work is underway and using the emergency stopping lane on the far-left shoulder of the congested two-lane road to overtake.

“Since when did the breakdown lane become the overtaking lane?” the Facebook page NSW Central Coast Dashcams said in the post of the shared footage.

It was also shared by NSW Police’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command.

Despite the breach of the road rules on display, some sympathised with the driver.

Many commenters felt the motorist’s offending move was justified because those in the fast-lane were “hogging” the lane and sitting below the speed limit, rather than moving into the middle lane for those going faster.

The motorist was reportedly captured using an emergency stopping lane to overtake. Source: Facebook / NSW Central Coast Dashcams

“It becomes the overtake lane on most Australia freeways,” one person said.

“For some reason people keep hogging the right lanes and sit under the speed limit.”

Others responded directly to the dashcam Facebook page’s rhetorical question by saying the breakdown lane had to become an overtaking lane because “people stay in the righthand lane and won’t move over”.

Another man said: “It’s the breakdown lane! It’s also illegal to do that.”

Under Rule 95 (1) of NSW’s list of driving offences, it is an offence to drive in the emergency stopping lane, and carries a fine of $263 and the loss of two demerit points.

Another person summarised the situation thus: “Impatience [causes] a distinct lack of sound judgment.

“Roadwork zones are there to protect drivers from changed road conditions, just as much as they are to protect workers on the site.

“Just be patient and you will stand a better chance of survival.”

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