Danielle Brooks' postpartum depression

Danielle Brooks' postpartum depression credit:Bang Showbiz
Danielle Brooks' postpartum depression credit:Bang Showbiz

Danielle Brooks has opened up about her postpartum depression.

The 34-year-old actress welcomed daughter Freeya, in 2019 but admitted she struggled to cope with her new reality and found life as a mother extremely difficult at first.

She told Us Weekly: "I just really struggled to accept this new person that was emerging instead of seeing this new person is actually really dope and beautiful. There’s so many things that are changing our bodies, our mindsets, but it’s OK to shed that old skin and be rebirthed.”

However, now the 'Orange is the New Black' actress revealed she really likes who she has and is “still becoming” because of Freeya.

She said: "It took therapy. … I did a lot of talking to other mothers that might’ve gone through the same thing and then a lot of self-reflection for me.

"I spent so much time on my body image and being the perfect curve and stuff like that, but now I’m living in a place where I am healthy. I really loving and focusing on the parts that I love about myself. Because what happens is that energy and that vibe that you carry, your children feel that, and I don’t want that for Freeya. So I’m really trying to work on just enjoying the body that I have and celebrating who I am now.”

However, Danielle revealed Freeya keeps her and Dennis Gelin busy because she is "so independent".

She said: "It’s challenging because she’s so independent. But we really do allow her to make mistakes and try things and get messy. So I think it’s a lot more patience with myself that I have to have so that I can make sure to have patience with her.”