Dancing mum proves you're 'never too old' to enjoy the music

Natasha Christian

A dancing mum has proved you’re never too old to get your groove on, after she was filmed having a pretty awesome time at a hard core techno music festival.

Lynne Cole, 50, was filmed shaking along to the beat at Defqon.1 last Saturday in Western Sydney while wearing a large floppy white hat and a purple shirt.

Groovy mum Lynne Cole was filmed having the time of her life at a recent music festival.

Ms Cole is seen dancing to the music, and having a pretty great time while holding tightly on to her walking stick.

The video quickly went viral when it was shared on Fortafy’s Facebook page.

Online commenters expressed both disbelief and support for Lynne, with many suggesting she was the best dancer of the lot.

Lynne Cole on Facebook

Ms Cole told the Daily Mail that the festival was considered a ‘family day out’ for her with her daughter and son.

She now felt like she had 1000s of sons and daughters.

I do love the music, weird I know, but that's how it is, you like what you like,' said Ms Cole.

'You're never too old or too young. You're in it for the music’.

In a selfie shared on Facebook Ms Cole proudly wrote ‘I am at Defqon.1 yeah baby!’

Lynne and her family enjoying the music festival.